I was just stood up for about 5 minutes when suddenly I got this really horrible Chest pain as if someone just stabbed me. Kind of to my left above my breast and it felt like I suddenly felt paralysed because it scared me so much. Now I'm crying thinking that was my heart. I wasn't anxious before whatsoever so couldn't of been anxiety. I had test done before and everything was great. I do have a muscle problem in the same area which sometimes acts up and also because I fell at roller skating two year ago I have two slipped disc and one is actually in the upper spine. Could it just been a trapped nerve? Or should I worry?


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  • Hi Angiecis22, sounds like a tight muscle spasm which could be aggravated by the two slipped discs. Do not worry, it doesn't sound like your heart. Think back at what you were doing before you stood up. I think you will be okay. It doesn't sound like anxiety caused it but anxiety played into it once you got scared. x

  • Yeah my mum always tells me if it was my heart tiny would of found something and it wouldn't just one stab it'd probably be more stabs too.

  • Hi Angie, stabbing pain is usually muscle spasm. Always good to get things checked out if they don't settle. Try not to worry. Slipped discs can definitely cause nerve or ,muscle pain.

  • I'm going to the doctors today actually about my upper back to see if I can maybe get an mri as I've been having upper back discomfort for an entire week now even if I wake up and sometimes spreads to my neck and makes it a bit stiff so I think my back is starting to suffer from my bad posture now more than ever so I'm going to them to see what they can do to help me

  • Good to hear. I would love to know how you get along with everything. :)

  • Got sent to a physiotherapist and also a therapist to help with my health anxiety but the doctor mostly said its the muscle and the cartilage between the sternum and ribs and she said it feels tender and immflamed below my collar bone. And coz the chest wall muscles are connected with your back that's why it spreads to my back and neck

  • Angie, did she call it costochondritis? Sounds like what I have at times.

  • Although that's what the previous doctors said it was she didn't mention that but I guess she meant the same thing too

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