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I really am freaking out


I feel like there is actually something wrong even when I try to relax and meditate I still have the pains and worry head pains feel like brain tumor or something and chest pains feel like heart problems I've been checked and clear of everything but I still can't seem to believe that because of how much I go to the doctors I must be annoying I've had Memory loss vision disturbances eat. I've had things checked I'm just still concerned and confused sometimes I fear that I'll collapse if it's not anything there which I only had a CT scan. I'm just worried u can't see everything on CT scans..

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JozelynKelly01, when will the testing ever be enough to quiet your concerns over your health? Your confused and doubtful that the doctors may be missing something or don't really understand where you're coming from. This is how anxiety plays into your health concerns. If you've ever listened or read Dr. Claire Weekes writings on "Hope & Help for your Nerves", you would see that she talks about "bewilderment" another word for confused as being the fuel that keeps the fire going. But how, but why may never be an answer that you will get or accept. And that becomes the key word, Accept....

Once all tests have come back clear and your doctor diagnoses Anxiety, then it must be accepted as the truth or you will go around and around with this circle of fear. You can only repeat tests so many times before the test itself becomes a danger to your health from radiation. Not to scare you with just another thing to worry about, but that's why the doctors are cautious about when enough is enough of testing.

Putting your doubts aside for a moment, maybe it's time to take that leap of faith and go with the anxiety theory. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if the doctors are right. Taking that step will put you on the right path to getting your life back. Work on anxiety with a therapist, educate yourself on all you can in knowing how anxiety plays it's vicious mind games. When you understand where and how this all takes place, it becomes easier to conquer it.

Think of anxiety as a tower of blocks. Little by little as you learn different methods of acceptance, you chip away at those blocks until one day, they tumble. If that last block is still standing then it may mean you haven't gotten to the root of anxiety. With time and therapy you will unfold the last chapter of your anxiety journey. You will once again be home free. But you need to start somewhere and that somewhere is moving forward. My best Jozelyn.. x


Hello. Agora1 left a very good reply to your post. Sometimes I would like to just "freak out" and talk to someone about what is bothering me, but I wait until my therapist appointment unless it's an emergency....and my anxiety causes very few true emergencies

If you knew the doctors had done so may tests aand exams to assure your heart is fine, I don't fully understand why you wrote a post "I am freaking out?

Some of us when we such a post are worried that something very terrible is happening.....and it's not.

When I'm just needing relief from some of my worries, I pick up the phone and call a friend or a relative and ask what's up in their lives. I don't talk about my worries as I know what they are and no one in this venue will be able to make that change.

But just talking to someone about something other than myself is often enough to get my mind off my concerns.

We are here to support one another, so the next time you are tired of your anxiety, think about replying to someone else's post who you might be able to support.

Take care.

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I should feel free to express how I feel on this forum and it's the only way I can get things out right now I've been dealing with this terrible thing for a while now it's constant not just thoughts my concern is more physical than mental there are others who "freak out as well and just want to know they aren't alone thank you for ur support and opinions.

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Hello again. Of course you are free to express what you are feeling and you do so frequently....and it appears it's always about something physical when doctors have said it's not physical. Did you read Agora1 reply but not really "get" what she was trying so carefully to explain to you? Try to stop thinking something is wrong with you, and at least consider that fact that your mind is trying to ask for help? Please consider making an appointment with a therapist to discuss your situation. :)

JozelynKelly01 in reply to Hidden

I'm going to brain core therapy and therapy this week...but we all feel different and we all express things differently my fears are probably different than yours and Agora1 I'm just battling the fear of this could be something else." Barking up the wrong tree" I got in a car accident terrible accident and my mind is constantly confused if this is damage or just anxiety I suffer from health anxiety and costchondritis which is extremely painful sometimes it feels like a heart attack or heart issue. So yes I'm trying to convince myself that the doctor are perfect and they haven't misdiagnosed me the clinic where I live isn't too pleasant and quite frankly don't care about anything else if u have anxiety on ur paper work twhat they believe everything is anxiety related and I wasn't properly diagnosed with anxiety to began with. No test where done until I repeatedly went to the er and complained just to get all the proper test I needed and trust me it was expensive and extremely annoying I'm not sure if ur dealing with this or not but I hope you can understand and I hope everyone dealing with this horrible thing can get better I pray every day that this heals. But thank you

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Hit by tractor trailer 17 years ago.

Multiple physical injuries, including some brain issues. Physical injuries required surgeries, but took almost 2 years for proper diagnosis of PTSD (anxiety and depression) Some minor short term and long term memory issues and chronic neck and back pain remain even after surgery. Medical app't each month for pain management and anxiety,depression and PTSD each month.

Anxiety is pain in my chest and inability to be calm, and back has pain unrelated to anxiety. PTSD affects nightmares.

Everything possible diagnostically has been done. Results are the PTSD,anxiety and depression are from the accident, and no new physical injury pain related to accident.

I began to accept my memory, anxiety and depression, and PTSD are related to accident.

Once I accepted that, treatment began to be effective, but took long time and patience .

Best to you as you still doubt anxiety is part of your pain and discomfort.

If you find new diagnostics are contary to the previous ones, I hope there is medical care to correct your numerous medical complaints.

Try to stay positive.

This is ME !!! :( you are not alone all the doctors say I’m fine

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