Feeling like I could pass out

It's my second day back at work after being off for two weeks. And I just feel so awful! I'm so lightheaded k feel like I'm on a boat?! I can't walk straight and when in at my desk it literally feels like I could just pass out. I've had to come out the office and hide in the toilet as I was convinced I was about to pass out. I can't keep on living like this it's so horrible. I could just burst into tears! I get so excited for split seconds when I feel normal and then everything just comes crashing back down on me again :( how can this be something so mental?


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  • Hey Jlou.  It's cruel how you can feel normal for a few seconds, get so encouraged and excited, then back to feeling like crap.   I know.   It sucks.   How long have you suffered from anxiety?   Yes, anxiety can and will cause us to feel this way.  

  • I've felt unwell for nearly 2years now and had every medical test, googled every illness... I guess it's only the last couple of months I've tired to come to terms with it being anxiety but to be honest I still struggle with that

  • I understand.  I guess I knew what I had pretty early because my mother suffered as well.  But it was almost impossible to believe that anxiety was producing such real physical effects.

  • JLou   check  your breathing.  You are experiencing free floating anxiety in the anticipation of being back at work.  Everything from the lightheaded feeling like being on a boat to not walking straight to literally feeling like you could pass out while sitting at  your desk is all about anxiety.  When you do hide in the restroom or while sitting at your desk, start your belly breathing, inhaling slow holding it for several seconds and then blow the air from your mouth slowly as if  you were blowing bubbles out of a bubble pipe.  Do this several times.  You will feel your shoulders start to come down from your ears (we tend to hold our shoulders tight when stressed) from your shoulders being calm, next will be your neck and head which is causing you to feel so stressed.  Use this as often as you need to make it through the day.  When at home, make sure you do the deep breathing when going to bed and upon wakening up.  It will help calm your mind and body and prepare you for the day.  Good Luck JLou....

  • Thankyou so much for your tips! I do definitely hold my shoulders up,  I've noticed that recently.

    I will definitely try this.

  • Please do....practice makes perfect  :)

  • I get those sensations & found out my vestibular system is dysfunctional, so there IS a physiological explanation.  The problem is we haven't been able to find out what caused the problem & there's not much treatment option.  It is nice to know it isn't a stroke!

  • So you will have to live feeling like that forever?!?!? 

  • Apparently the best treatment is Physical Therapy, but it's slow & requires a lot of homework.  I'm doing it now & praying for results.  Otherwise, this becomes my new "normal".

    I did make an appointment with a new neurologist, hoping she will have a fresh perspective.

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