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Back at it again with the worries!

So I just got done freaking out about my gallbladder surgery for the past month and I finally got it done and it went amazing . Now I go to the eye doctor and find out one my eyes has a optic nerve bigger then the other...  So I have to come back for imaging. And now I'm freaking out because I always get eye pain being my eye but I thought it was a cluster head ache or from my anexity freak outs. But now I'm scared what if I have glacoma or a tumor???? I don't talk to my family so I don't know if it's my history. Now I'm thinking I might go blind. I swear all these issues make me think that anexity is for a reason. I feel so crazy, and unstable.

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I am pleased your gallbladder op went well :-)

Have you been for your eye appointment yet and if so how did you get on ?

Take Care x

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Thank you so much! Yes i went and so far i just have to moderate my eyes every six months to much sure it doesn't get worse.



Well that sounds like good news to me :-)

Has this eased you anxiety hearing this news ?

I hope everything continues going well and you know you can always come and vent how you feel on here :-) x


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