Worry of health again

So my doctor said my blood pressure was borderline high though I did lose a little weight anybody have any tips to lowering your blood pressure what foods to eat/stay away from that can help me lose it. I want to excercise but anxiety is always lying in the living room waiting to skip around and fuck up my night lol, I just got through eating Chinese food and now my body is starting to react to it (hard time breathing, chest discomfort and tiredness, dizziness. Anybody?


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  • Natural way to control your blood pressure it's garlic one piece of garlic a day and try to relax. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thx

  • Keejay, MSG will do that to me everytime Flush out your system by drinking plenty of water. Feel better..

  • Thx again agora 😊

  • Yes stay away from Chinese food,especially the soy sauce, try eating garlic it lower blood pressure but you can call me at 7733318844

  • Yes!!! Beetroot juice is supposedly really good for lowering blood pressure. My brother has tried it with some good success. I believe if you Google it, you'll find articles. Good luck!☺

  • Keejay, something as simple as eating a banana can reduce the pressure as well.

    Found this out on the forum. How are you doing today??

  • Had a good day today thx 😊

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