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I give in idc anymore

Went to the emergency room 2 times felt like I was having a heart attack couldn't breath felt like my chest was being pushed in fallowed by hot pressure doc said I have mild asthma was that what it was but my heart was beating hard before it happened and light headedness while I was in the ambulance my lip toung fingers had this crazy sensation Like electricity was running threw them I been experiencing these muscle twitching all over and I mean every we're u could think of since March on a Saturday night first symptom was sharp pain in front of my neck that dropped down left side of chest then shoulder and arm it was like swallowing a needle fallowed by fast heart rate and I mean fast twitching muscles in the legs started to twitch not no little twitch like so strong that my bicep jiggle and move my arm fallowing day it got worse balance was off nausea dizziness crazy twitching all over even Eve face leg chill's Lost of appetite when I walk legs we're somewhat dragging or sluggish type when I use to get up felt like the floor was moving but after weeks went by all that went away exept the twitching I remembery my toung was twitching maybe a month earlier then my stomach was twitching following alot of gas I'm 18 male had seizures in sleep a few Time's before. I think when I drunk a lil bottle of alcohol my tummy Later started twitching  but the twitching was much more common now it still there but not as crazy sometimes my right hand gets weak but not all the time 

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Anxiety causes a lot of crazy symptoms. I usually try to do yoga and drink herbal teas to help myself relax. Reading books also helps me out. You shouldn't give up. Youll get through it and you'll be okay just don't lose jope. :)


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