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4 Simple tips that helped my quickly, during my panic attacks. This gave me hope!

The big thing about panic attacks is, just that! They attack you, from nowhere!

There is HOPE! and you will get through this thing!

My story is a long one, I have AFIB (that you do not have) and HAD panic attacks, but you can read a small part of it at:


But here are a few tips I have created for myself in fighting the monster.

My tips for handling that panic attacks, and beating heart palpitations panic attacks.

1.Keep on breathing!! — Do not stop breathing because you want to count your heart beats. Is it just me or do you also hold in your breath and start “feeling” and counting your heartbeats?

How fast is it going now, am I going to make it, is it going to fast?

Rather consentrate on taking deep full breaths.

Breath less and you go into STRESS!

2.Don’t fight it accept it!! My attitude was OK panic bring it on let’s see what you’ve got.

This can be like a light you put on in a room, and see that the monster does not exist!

3.Muscle relaxation!! Tense and then relax all the muscle groups, one by one, you can start from your feet up to your head or the other way around. This can take up to 20 minutes or you could just do a quick 5-10 minute exercise.

4.Build a victory bank and remember any victories you had over panic. Even the smallest victories can help you build this victory bank.

Do not give up hope if the victories are small.



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