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Started therapy today

I went to my first session of therapy today. Diagnosed with PTSD. OUCH! She was so nice...even though I had to relive some of my past today, along with tears and pain...I got through it! She warmed me that it gets worse before better, but I am still actually feeling pretty good with my diet and exercise. Hope everyone is having a great day.

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That's awesome.  I had a health scare which turned into PTSD.  I've just completed my 3rd session today.  My counselor is awesome, kind, caring, etc.  I hope you get what you're looking for out of these sessions.  I'm coming out of a 2-1/2 month anxiety situation and I am feeling much better.

Hope you get better!


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Hi there so pleased you have started dealing with this I too suffered from PTSD caused by my child hood, had good counselling and cope a lot better. Wishing you well

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