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I have been experiencing minimal anxiety for a few days and it is so nice. I think it has to do with me intentionally exposing myself to crowds when I feel most uncomfortablw. Today I started getting random feelings that I'll faint r have a seizure.  That's what my obsessions seem to be for th3 past few months rather than my breathing.. the physical symptoms just feel like something really is wrong. 


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  • I do the same thing! Worry something is going to happen to me but someone asked me "what if nothing happens to you?" And that was an interesting was to look at it

  • I admire you for intentionally exposing yourself to a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable! I wish I could be so brave but I seem to suffer from the 'what if' syndrome!!

  • Have u ever had a seizure or passed out? I too get these feelings and have never had either but it scares me to death! It's all I think about on top of staying dizzy all the time 

  • Nope neither

     Thank God

    I always have to be worried that something is wrong though. Unfortunately it's the cycle I've gotten myself stuck in.

  • Same here girl! Always!

  • Happy to hear you're making some progress! I too get the "what if" feelings. I think these feelings are what keep people like us trapped in the anxiety cycle. I'm personally a health anxiety person, more than a social anxiety person. I've been checked up and down and have been told by numerous Dr's that I'm fine and it's just anxiety. But....what if they're wrong...what if the MRI missed the MS (that's my current disease I'm terrified that I have---two days ago it was Parkinsons.) Sad part is I know the statistics: 1 in 3000 men will get MS, an MRI scan has a 95% chance of revealing lesions pointing to MS. Odds are in my favor there so with my clean MRI scan you think I would be feeling great.....nope because WHAT IF!!!!.

    My point is that little statement can reak havoc. What if it's just anxiety and you're perfectly healthy. What if you're putting your life on hold because you can't fully accecpt your anxiety and battle it. These are the type of what if battles I've been trying to have lately. Of course, then comes the "but" What if it's just anxiety...but what if it's not. aaaaand start the anxiety cycle again.

    I read something interesting the other day posted by a Neuro regarding people with extreme anxiety. Bascially, after your body and mind remain in a constant raised level of anxiety for so long your brain gets stuck in a sort of loop. The amadgala (not how you spell it but it's the part of your brain that releases chems with relation to anxiety for fight or flight") just stays on a sort of constant drip and keeps you heightened at all times. So instead of anxiety coming in response to a fearful situation to help you respond, and then going away once you're safe..the hits just keep on coming because you've sort of trained yourself to release this constant chemical. This of course starts to wreak havoc on your motor coordination, autonomic functions, and nervous system because our bodies aren't designed to be in constant fear mode all the time. For me, this explained my clumsiness, shortness of breath, fear of passing out, sweating, stammering over my words..etc etc. The entire article just pointed out how anxiety can mimic any disease, in the most realistic fashion, and wreck a persons body. That's why it's so hard for people like us to get out of the anxiety cycle because our bodies are trained to respond incorrectly to everything.

    The article ended saying that it's completely reversible. Relaxation techniques, fully accepting it's just anxiety and stopping the fear cycle of what if, and therapy and possibly meds, can all help turn it around.

    We can beat this! Best of luck!

  • I am more of a health anxiety person as well. Lately I have been having social anxiety too. Thanks for your response. What you wrote does make totall sense to me. I'm in the medical field and I feel like it will help my anxiety . I know it sounds weird to say, but it will help me confront my fears I believe. Do you remember which article it was?

  • I'm sorry I don't. I found it when I was on one of my mad research benders for MS. I probably read 30-50 articles, blogs, responses a day on whatever disease I think I have. It's shameful to admit, but that's just what I do.

  • Hey, everyone has their struggles . I read a lot about illnesses too. If it's easier you can message me.

  • I might just take you up on that. Thank you! Same goes to you as well.

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