Is it anxiety

I need someone to talk to me I'm back after a really good month and half of being in sort of good health but lately for a bout 2 weeks i have had chest pains and shortness of breath everyday I till I go to sleep that's the only time when I feel good! I just carnt understand still is this what anxiety can do to you its just getting me down at the minutes and my partner doesn't understand why I am always complaining that I don't feel well! I sometimes think that I am going to pass out and never wake up 


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  • That is what anxiety is like...especially the passing out part. I always get to fearing death after I have one. You just have to try to calm yourself with meditation or go for a walk. That helps ease mine. Hope you are better.

  • kimberly434 is right Hun it's a typical anxiety attack I've not had one for over a year and last week came back with a vengeance They do make u feel like u can't  breath or ur going to die it's a nasty feeling but rest assured ur not alone xx

  • Does sound like it, but the best place to start is visiting your gp. I remember when I was first diagnosed I was in such a state, so ill I went to a&e And they said anxiety, I didn't believe it at first. Hope your ok x

  • Hi Sarah.  I have found that it is extremely difficult for someone to understand what a person goes through that has panic attacks if that person doesn't have them or suffer from severe anxiety.  I can tell you I am 45 years old and have wound up in the hospital many many many times since I was younger for the same exact symptoms you are experiencing and I'm still around, so yes, anxiety and panic can def. make you feel that way.  Charles

  • I recently went through about a month of feeling short of breath throughout the day.  It would start out weak and get very strong and intense.  It took me a long time, but I figured out that what was causing my symptom was ME thinking about my breathing.  I also felt pain in my chest too.  My symptoms seemed to disappear when I was busy.  Also upon waking up in the morning I was good.  The moment I thought about my breathing, it would start again.  If your symptoms are like this, try to stay busy and think about other things..  It is hard to do, but it solved my shortness of breath very quickly.  I thought there was something seriously wrong with me and it was scary, but really was nothing at all. 

    Hope this helps

  • I can totally relate to what you are saying, shortness of breath happens to me to. It will happen out of nowhere sometimes a few times a day & the moment I focus on it I think I make it worse because I begin to panic more. I've had chest pains for moths now it feels like someone is sitting on my chest & sometimes if I press in the middle  it hurts to the touch. Some days I'm ok & others it's  really terrible. I've had three EKG in the past two months a chest x-ray & they didn't see anything, that at least eased my mind. But I do still panic with the shortness of breath I smoked & recently quit so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I'm going to a lung specialist to confirm their isn't anything seriously wrong. Try to keep busy like one of the members said because if you give it attention it will control your life. 

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