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Hi all I'm new here. I have really severe anxiety and have been having a lot of panic attacks lately and am not sure what's triggering them. I have not seen a doctor yet, I am fearful of how they may act about it. I also haven't seen a doc because I live with my parents and I feel they will say Oh your fine or something like that. My anxiety has been getting a lot worse lately. It will go in peaks for about 2 weeks, then I'll be better about at least not having panic attacks for 2 weeks, and then the panic attacks begin again. Looking for some insight and ideas about how to help before I go to the doctor, what I should right down, what they might ask, and anything else that may help! Thanks in advance!

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Hi, it's me again. If you have specific questions about anything, be sure to write them down and bring them with you. I've done that many times, when I thought I might forget something that I wanted answered.

As for what they might ask, I'm sure you can answer those questions off the top of your head. It will be mostly about your symptoms. Remember, you're not cramming for a final exam here. You're hiring them to help you - let them do the work. That's what they do for a living.

If your parents need some educating about anxiety problems, be sure to share with them what the doc said about your diagnosis and treatment. That should get them to take this matter seriously if they haven't been doing it already.

A strange thing about anxiety sufferers is that we tend to hesitate trying something new, even if we are miserable. So please break through that inertia and see the doc! I promise you that there is nothing to it. When you leave the doc's office you'll be laughing about how easy it was, after letting it all build up in your head beforehand.

I hope you make the appointment very soon.

Take care,


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Hey !

Going to the doctors is OK, it actually helps ease yur mind. They will not judge yu or classify yu as a looney because tbh anxiety is SOO common these days. Before i was finally diagnosed i wwnt to 5 different ERs in the span of 2 months for differences of opinions.. i was fixated on heart disease because i have health anxiety and heart health is my trigger.. had very scary, very REAL symptoms as well. I also had/have people in my life that dont understand and they do call me crazy but now after 2 years of having it .. i kno they just dont understand it. The same way i didnt before i was burdened with it. I have anxiety attacks at LEAST once a day so for me i cant say it ever stops but i can say that over time of accepting it and understanding it that it does get easier to control.

People in yur life may never believe how real it is for yu.. but dont let that be a reason to hide. If yu have a fear any fear that yur fixated on talk to someone. Yur not crazy and yur not alone

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Hi there, I too have anxiety since Xmas with work issues and illness. I'm trying to deal with it naturally rather than meds at thus stage. Do uvthink anything has triggered it for you? I'm trying to meditate and do breathing exercises.


Hi! Actually, even I have spent my first year with anxiety like this. But you can check how to manage a panic attack on websites like WebMD,psycom, they are reliable and will help you. And you can also take some free counseling online, you will be better. Don't worry.


Also, your parents also wouldn't understand if they are themselves, so, it's if no use. You can talk to me or write here becoz everyone has experienced it and will get it. And yeah, read some cbt: do it yourself books. Don't worry. It will be fine. You can even try SAM app for anxiety.


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