Out of nowhere bam! It comes and I cannot shake it. My husband is a diabetic and when he starts talking about his levels there it is. I get so annoyed because I don't want to hear it and he knows that. I want to say shut up but I can't or I won't. I cannot hurt him. So on comes the anxiety. Here I go. Fear, heart racing and all of the hundreds of feeling of dread. I hate it. I try breathing exercises, talking myself out of it and I can't even get a decent workout at the gym because once I get into walking on the treadmill. It mimics my heart racing then I get scared and want to stop. Over and over again. I have xanax but I try not to take them. I don't want to be dependent on them. I read your post all of the time.

So here I am contemplating whether or not to go to gym. Yesterday I didnt make it, just rode around.😞


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  • Go for it. Escape life and have some ME time. Stick some earbuds in, turn the music up and go for it. Loud enough to dull down the thoughts and concentrate on the words of the song but not loud enough to deafen you if course 😄 . Just let your workout come naturally within don't try to 'work' it out of you just do whatever feels natural at whatever pace and concentrate on each word of the music xx

  • 😊 thank you. I went.

  • I have been dealing with Panic Disorder for 9 years last month. I was diagnosed at 16 and I'm now 25 and still dealing with it. I went a few years being almost anxiety free, but sometime last year it reared it's ugly head. It's frustrating and I totally understand....but working out helps! Its the only thing that helps me. I have a friend that runs. She runs any time her anxiety gets bad. The way I see it, if my heart is going to race, let it be for a good reason. Don't let it stop you from doing what you want to do. As debilitating as mine has been, I've never let it stop me from working, or going out with friends, or enjoying life. I wish you luck...

  • Thanks. I went. I've had anxiety for years. They were gone for awhile coming back 911. The last 3 years have been rough.

  • Thanks

  • Glad you have started going gym. Just do what you want and don't stop yourself. I suggest take some anti-anxiety to get proper treatment, talk to your doctor to change your meds and get lower dose of medicines.

  • I have always gone to gym. Some days like this particular one. My anxiety wont allow me. I have seen a therapist and it worked for a minute. My meds are not needed on a daily basis thank God.

    Thanks for answering.

  • I'm glad you have the gym but I can also understand that anything that you do there that speeds up the heart beat causes the anxiety to kick in as well. You go to escape

    but the anxiety follows you. Having someone at home with medical issues doesn't allow us to calm down. I have my anorexic daughter and her physical issues can push me into anxiety in an instant. Where can I run to? I still have to go home and face this everyday. So I do understand where your anxiety is coming from. Take care of yourself.

  • Thank you Agora1; you do understand.

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