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I suffer from very bad OCD.i got diagnosed years ago and had CBT.i was ok but then it started off makes life a living therapist and myself reckoned that it actually started when i was little and nearly died  in hospital.thats when the germs phobia started.i also get intrusive thoughts and they make it very hard for me to do normal things.if i am stressed it goes into is frustrating for everybody i know.i don't know what feeling free from anxiety feels like.wouldnt wish this hell on anybody.i have seen umpteen therapist had every med won't go away:(I also have PTSD which ties into hospitals and IBS.

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I have  health anxiety ibs and reflux and unlike you have no idea what triggered them . I have seen three counsellors and am now starting cbt but am still none the wiser as to where it came from . I have tried medication and have developed a pill phobia  

Anxiety is definitely no fun.

Take care. 



Aw that's a shame you dont' know where they come from but I guess maybe sometimes just knowing you got conditons is a good start I think. CBT is good I think that will definitley help I think. It helped me when I had a course a few years ago. I hope it can help you in some way.Nope anxiety is no kinda fun at all. Thanks for your reply & you take care too.

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