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Job Interview Today, Anxiety Central!


Good morning everyone, I have a job interview today in a couple of hours. I am prepared as I can be but I can't help feeling anxious. It would be a dream job if I can get it but I've been unemployed for a few months dealing with anxiety and depression and worry I'll be judged for that. I'm trying to let the worrying come and go and turn that nervousness into excitement. Something I heard from Sam Harris I found quite helpful is considering the difference between anxiety and excitement, physically they are hard to differentiate what determines between them is concious thought.

Anyway wish me luck today, and good luck to all of you whatever it is you are taking on today.

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Good luck.. I’m sure you’ll be brilliant.. you can do it .. they too are just people doing their job . Sell yourself, go for it ! 😊

SamuelJ52 in reply to 1973m

I will! Thank you!

Wishing you all the best today👍Hope everything goes well for you.

good luck! ever try visualization? picture the interview going great and getting the job.

About to go in, thank you for the support everyone! Have a great day 😁

Hope it goes well, I had one on Wed

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