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Anxious eating ?


I wonder what tips are good to follow when you want to eat . I find that it's such a chore to eat. I mean on top of anxiety , I have tmj & rhinitis :/ . Earlier I tried to eat , I was mostly successful but the drinking also got me . I drank something & it ached going all the way down then went away. I also observe the back of my head has pressure & it's off & on , as I eat.. I still have a tense upper back & neck smh. I try to take small bites but I get soooo hungry plus I love food lol :/ haha . I'm not sure what to do to make eating enjoyable for me again. Any tips ? Anyone else have this issue? 

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I have joined a small group at church with weekly healthy dinners that we take turns preparing.  it keeps me motivated to try new recipes.


I had bad throat and that about trying something like soup or jelly(jello) or ice cream?anything that don't require lots of chewing.soup or stew would be good or if you like hotdogs,ham,eggs,fruit like bananas,chicken.i don't know if you on diets of any kind but anything soft or liquids I'd say:)not maybe long term but in the short term it may help you cos obviously good you have to chew alot is gonna be tougher i find.


I take Xanax and Doxipin for my Panic and Anxiety disorder. Doxipin for sleep makes you hungry. Xanax to control Panic and Anxiety. Maybe Juicing would help are you having acid? Maybe need anti acid too without my meds I can't eat either I understand eat good I had a nurse tell me once you have to force yourself just don't get too full. C-L Rose P.s. eat food you enjoy  I suggest a clean diet no sugar sugar makes me have anxiety  take care


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