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Hey I've been woke up with this pain in my side rushed to Drs he said I've got kidney infection I took my antibiotics and all of a sudden I've gone very hot weak flu like symptoms I've got severe health anxiety so I've now got the runs and keep being sick now I'm crapping myself thinking I've got summat life threatening my anxiety is thru the roof. I've just had news my uncle has leukaemia I wonder if it's that that's started me off I'm so scared something is wrong with me pleAse help me 

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Sorry you are not well and a kidney infection is not nice but your Doctor has caught it and with the meds it should clear up but this could also be why you have a temperature etc because you have got an infection , and you need to rest , be kind to yourself , drink plenty of fluids and you will soon be feeling better -)

I am sorry to hear about your Uncle and I hope there is treatment that will get him well to and you have got it in one when we have HA and we have someone close to us with an illness it triggers us of but you are not your Uncle and there is no reason as you are you that you should or will get anything like your Uncle has 

If your Doctor had thought for one minute you had something more serious that needed investigating they would have had you straight in , more than their job would be worth not to so try and be reassured 

I am on antibiotics at the moment for an infection and must say they make me feel like rubbish when I am taking them till after I have finished the course and feel better , they may not affect you in this way but bear it in mind if you feel slightly worse before you do start to feel better 

Look after yourself and hope you feel well soon :-)

Take Care x 

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Hi bounce thanks for acknowledging me yeh my antibiotics are making me feel like crap I know it's my anxiety and my HA but when it happens you still get that overwhelming feeling of panic kicking it.

I've been ok for the past few hours I've pushed the bad thoughts to the back of my mind and it seemed to have calmed me down a bit fingers crossed its passed thank you hope u get better soon too x


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