i have photophobia, random pains all over my body and tension headaches that comes whenever it wants.  everyday i get worried i will stay the same for the rest of my life...

the most aggravating thing i have is all the eye floaters i see during the day and my eyes hurt.  I've gone to 3 optometrist and 2 ophthalmologist that say my eyes are fine.  I'm pretty sure before all this happened, i had (or noticed) non of these!  what does everyone do to deal with these nasty visual effects?


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  • I get the floaters and an going to have my eyes checked this week. I notice them mostly when I have bad anxiety and panic. Try not to focus on them as the more you do the worse it is and the more you notice them. 

  • I will try.  Even when I'm not looking for them, there is one that is quite obvious though.  

    Thanks for the reply, 

  • Yes I have lots of floaters but they are harmless, nothing to worry about. I also see blue flashes and colours, it's quite annoying. If you have had your eyes checked you have nothing to worry about. Everyone has eye floaters just some more than others that's all. Anxiety does make them worse unfortunately. 

  • When do u see these flashes??

  • Randomly! I know the flashes comes from when the floaters hit the retina at times. The blue flashes have no idea. The ophthalmologist has no idea either. I have seen two different and both could tell me nothing. I also had an MRI came back normal. All my eye tests came normal. So just learning to live with it and trying to get my anxiety under control. 

  • Do you know when all this started?  I would like to think that I've never had anxiety, but since feeling like this for the last few months, I've realized that I did have anxiety throughout my life.  Maybe i didn't pay attention because they never caused any physical changes

  • Yes I know what you mean. I am pretty sure I have had it most of my life but just didn't realise until over a year ago. Physical symptoms started happening, foggy head, losing control of my body, shaking and just having weird sensations through my head and body. The feeling were horrible sometimes it would make me feel so tired. I thought there was something wrong with my brain. Then the flashes and other weird things I see started at the same time the physical symptoms started. So my guess it's all related. 

  • Have you read about DR and DP?

  • No what is that?

  • Maybe reading this might give u a better idea:

  • Ok I will Thankyou!

  • It is a super long read, but it's quite helpful and may apply to you

  • Thanks heaps, I appreciate it. I am happy to read anything so I can understanding what is happening. 

  • I have photophobia and distorted vision pretty much constantly, kind of if I was a little dizzy or slightly drunk. I feel like someone shook my head up like chocolate milk. Is this anything like what you have? Or do you just have light sensitivity. One thing that helps me are gamma ray blocking glasses, you can get them off Amazon pretty cheap and for some reason they clear up my sight, still nowhere near as good as being normal though 

  • That is exactly what I have!  But with tension headaches as well.  Do u get headaches too? When did this all start for you?

  • Ugh I get tension headaches too. It's awful. I've had it for about four months now after it just started randomly. It's tough to live life all dizzy! You find anything that has helped you?

  • I might have encountered having to do something to myself plus dealing with a break up and possible money issues?  Non of those things evet phased me, so why now?  Maybe it's any one of those things or completely something else. I wish I knew what was the trigger

  • Oh I've been trying out these migraine glasses with a special tint on them called fl-41.  I have less frequency of headaches or at least protect me from the severe ones

  • Yeah I have no idea what started this but I have them constantly 24/7 now. I will let you know if I figure out any more treatment strategies. Good to know were in it together though

  • Did the light sensitivity gradually getting worse or has it stabilized?

  • I think it got a little worse and than stabilized. But some days are better than others, though it's always there to some degree

  • here's another thing, a while ago (but has since stopped), when I walk down a grocery isle etc.  the merchandise on the shelves seem to be moving too fast for my eyes to catch up.  do you get that too?

  • I think I got something like that too, but I'm not sure. It must've stopped too. Did you get a ct or Mri done?

  • Yeah I got MRI, CT and X-ray done, none came up with anything.  

    I also recently can see my pulse through my eyes, which is quite scary.  

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