I've suffered from anxiety for a while now and have been suffering from various symptoms. One of the most prominent is my vision; I keep getting this ache behind my eyes as well as blurred vision. I then worry about whether it's just anxiety or if I'm extremely ill! I don't know whether I'm going to have a seizure or if I have brain cancer. I also feel extremely whacky inside - which also makes me think that I'm going to have a seizure. I also have a big fear of being ill and just wish that I could be ok. I just want to know if his is anxiety and if I'm normal


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  • I have vision problems too. It's like I can see but I can't at the same time...if that makes sense. I have snow vision and it drives me crazy. I'm sorry yours is bothering you): have you talked to your doc?

  • I have snow vision also and I try to describe it to people and it's so hard! It's like fuzzy dots that are invisible. Also my eyes have ghost images when in the right lighting. Mainly words on the TV or my phone. Nothing too bad but I have slight astigmatism. It drives me crazy. I always think I have something terrible.

  • That is exactly what I feel like I can see but I can't see , which sounds ridiculous. It's so reassuring to know that at least one or two people understand and feel the same. I haven't seen my doctor about it because everyone keeps saying its anxiety and here's no need to waste there time

  • have you since gone to the doctors?

  • I would go to the doctors or at least get your eyes checked by an optometrist. Let us know how you are doing now. 

  • do you have similar issues also?

  • Yes 

  • i would like to believe that neve111 prolly feels a lot better now so she hasn't gone on here for so long. 

    in which case, i hope we can all get to that point too!

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