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Feeling really bad

Iv had chest pain all day always trying to catch my breath and I keep feeling like I'm guna doe it's get  if worse as I think that this is not right iv tried breathing and taking my mind of things but I carnt and now I carnt sleep as it it getting worse coz I think something is wrong with me I just dot know what else to do it's getting to me now and I can not cope  

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Forgot to say iv been feeling like this all week to not jus today but it's just getting worse 


Just try your best to breath in and out. Try drinking some chamomile tea, it really helps to calm and relax your body. Try it with some honey.


Thanks I will gets some tomorrow It's just really getting to me at the minute as iv been really well for about 4 weeks then out of the blue for no reason just comes on and coz I'm panicking and I can be like this for a couple I weeks  and carnt get out this panic bubble because i think something's is wrong with me! 


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