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Feeling really anxious


  I am over thinking way to much and it has got me into a bit of a state. Grinding my teeth and butterflies in the stomach. I did some meditating earlier which usually helps but not today.

  Another suicide in my area young girl 21 sad.

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Hello :-)

I have not seen you on here in a while , I was wondering how you were doing :-)

I grind my teeth without even realizing it till I get terrible pain in my jaw and headaches , trouble is the more you try not to grind the more you do , I do try and relax my jaw though which helps till the next time I start doing it !

That is very sad news about the young girl in you area , so sad :-(

Do you think this could have brought on you feeling anxious this evening or has something else happened ?

Meditation is really good if you can concentrate doing it , maybe doing some more just before bed might help you relax  

Hope your Son is keeping well to :-)

Take Care x

Dodo777 in reply to lulu-1

I am ok a bit lonely but getting by hope your ok I still grinding my teeth. Lol.

Dodo777 in reply to lulu-1

Hi Bounce how you feeling today hope your coping let me know ok. 

Hi Dodo,   under Constantly Nervous, there are 2 great meditation recordings that Jolyn shared with us on YouTube.  Hope you get a chance to listen to them. 

Alice61 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora, how are things with u since last time we spoke, are u feeling any better?x

Dodo777 in reply to Agora1

I will check them out soon . How are you today done anything interesting ?

Agora1 in reply to Dodo777

Hi Dodo,  just came home from taking my daughter to her doctor appointment.  Made it there okay but on the way home starting feeling a panic coming on.  While she went into a fast food restaurant, I started my deep breathing to get myself under control again.  Now at home the panic feeling is gone but little fuzzy headed and shaking some.  It's like I went to war and back.    How are you doing today? Have you been able to eat and drink something?  Hope the weather is warmer there,  it's cold and rainy here.   Take care of  yourself...Stay well.

Dodo777 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora I used to hate those over whelming feelings of pure fear mase me into a nervous wreck in the end. I realised that I only got them in public places . Mind triccks are so bloody hard to conquer only atavan or diazipine would work and only for a short while.

My eating and drink these past few days have been great so taking full advantage hopefully put on some weight. 

  Hope your coping a bit better at least let us know ok Agora.

Agora1 in reply to Dodo777

Dodo, mind tricks are the worse.  It's so hard to convince ourselves that we won't die.  I know that Ativan or Diazipine are helpful drugs but short lived.

Glad that you have been able to eat and drink better.  That's great news.  Enjoy!

I'm okay, I guess.  So darn worried all the time about my daughter.  Just got a call from her doctor that her potassium is dangerously low again.  Her doctor told me tonight that she may not be able to take care of her anymore because of the liability since my daughter won't comply with the doctor's orders.   I'm glad we have this forum.  You are so nice, always concerned about others.

Take care..

Hi Alice,  Morning anxiety still persists but is getting easier in some ways. I open my eyes, start my deep breathing and listen to my headphones trying to calm down.  Knowing what causes my morning fear helps but can't figure out a resolution. The pattern is the same everyday, come downstairs when my computer is, open a yogurt and get into our forum.  Getting involved with other people's anxiety issues somehow fulfills my need as a medical person.  Even my therapist thinks that it is good for me to reach out to others having a difficult time.  Keeping our minds and bodies occupied and busy really help take away our anxiety to some extent.  There are times I feel so strong emotionally and physically.  It's a good feeling to feel that I have a purpose in life again.  How have you been Alice?  Any good moments?  What are you using for the times that are most difficult?  I like hearing from you and wish you well.   x

If meditating ususally helps, a mindfulness exercise might be something you could use. Take a super-slow-motion shower, and try to pay attention to every detail. Do it like every movement is sacred. Appreciate that the water does not judge you, that it warms you and cleans you and envelops you. If a shower is too much, do the same thing washing your hands super slow in warm water, paying close attention to every aspect of that moment. Or wash just one dish as if it were precious and sacred. Anything that you can do for a couple minutes to ground your brain.

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