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Feeling a faint type feeling

Sometimes I will just feel super sensitive to light and almost like ill faint. I haven't ate much today and I was in bed til 230 pm... thank god I have never fainted but these feelings are weird. It's like my eyes are sensitive to light or something.  I do struggle with migraines. I get more of seeing auras and lights than the pain itself.

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Katie after having years of intense migraines, I am down to seeing auras and flashing lights with no pain.    My eyes have been blurry, burning and sensitive to light today. But I don't feel faint, because I am able to breathe through any negative thoughts. I have never fainted either, what's scary about that thought is we don't want to lose control.  I'm sure you will be okay.  Both staying in bed late as well as not eating much today are playing into what you are feeling.  I think if you have something to eat, drink and move around a little you may perk up some.  x


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