Finally, something positive!

I been and reading various post on how to get rid or lower my anxiety/panic attacks. I seen a post about Braggs apple cider vinegar. I have taken it with honey before but never just alone in water and I never thought it would help with anxiety. Well, I was starting to get anxious again tonight...i grabbed my bottle of Braggs used two teaspoons in one 16oz bottle of water and drank it all. Let me tell you...I seem so calm right now. I called my mom and was just going on how it made me feel so much better. It is amazing!!! Finally, I can just breath. I am still praying for you all to find peace tonight and every night. I know how terrifying it can be.


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  • I'm going to give this a go I'm suffering terrible feel like my hearts racing 

  • Yes please give it a try. I know how you feel...I would check my heart rate and blood pressure all day long. It was crazy, but not tonight!!! I am so happy. Now I also took Vitamin E, C, and my magnesium.

  • I need to try this now

  • Please do if you have any type of anxiety. I feel wonderful....every day this week I wanted to visit the emergency room scared of dying or having a heart problem. I feel like me again. I quit i am dealing with that a little, but not that nightmare of a thing called (anxiety).

  • I have been drinking chamomile tea for a few weeks now and it also works really well to calm you down. I havent had an anxiety attack for two weeks already. You all should give it a try, you can add some honey to it for flavor as well. Hope you all feel well soon, you all are in my prayers. Also talk to God and pray, give him you worries and anxiety. He hears and listens always, hes helped me through all this when i thought i was never going to get better. Give yourself whole heartedly to him.

  • Thank you

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