Feeling much better

I was so ill really thought I was dying . I had never ever been turned off drinking water but this past week I didn't drink water and the thought of drink water made me feel ill very strange but I did hear last night a bug was going around and my son had it so I think it was that. I was blaming my Achalasia because my esophugus was sore. I ate a tub of ice cream last night and it went down well so happy days.

So sorry I haven't replied on here but I was feeling so blue so drained. I hope to catch up soon my data allowance is due for renewal next couple of days so I will catch up then.

Hope you all are coping . I am now doing daily Meditation because I have realized it helps my mental health no end. Just 10 minutes and I am good to go.

Bye for now.


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  • Hello Dodo

    Really sorry you have not been good , I have not been at my best physically either :-(

    Glad you got that ice cream down you :-)

    Please try and get some fluids down to , I know it is not easy but maybe sipping it through a straw could help ? you could pretend you are on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails :-/

    Look forward to hearing from you more once you have your data sorted :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you Bounce nice to be thought of ; )

  • Hi Dodo, I knew something was wrong. I was hoping you weren't in the hospital. So glad you are feeling better. Ice cream had to taste delicious....Happy Days for sure :) Take care, stay well.

  • Hi Agora hope all is well. I have never heard of a comfort blanket sounds a bit of a con to be honest. Does you daughter hug you at all ?

    My sonn always gives me a hug lol specially when he wants to borrow or needs a lift but it means so much to me because i have no other human contact. I have had the chance of sleeping around but I'm not interested in that kinda thing anymore.

  • Hi Dodo, did you know that a Hug a day keeps people well. It is that important for us to feel that human contact. Hope you are feeling better each day. Take care.

  • I woke up this morning sick with really bad pains in my esophagus then after being sick fell asleep all day now its 1.45am and wide awake . All I am doing lately is complaining but itsthe truth

  • Dodo, when you are in so much pain, do you have the anxiety with it? How do you contend with both? Did you set up another appointment yet with the doctor? I know you missed the last one due to not finding a place to park. It sounds like you may need a check up by the doctor. I'm sorry you are having a difficult time lately. I hope it turns around soon.

  • No I haven't seen Doctor because i know from reading alot that nothing can be done Achalasia is a disease and I keep testing what I can eat like peanut butter should touch it but my craving takes over.

    I am feeling awful lonely lately which doesn't bother me most of the time. I will get over it because i am a very private person.

    Today coming back from chemist I had a spasm I coulf come home fast enough to drink water soon as I did the pain and anxiety went. Been meditating every day which has helped.

    How are things with youAgora bounce and the rest of the guys. I passing time playing gguitar.

  • Dodo, I understand. When we have a chronic condition we tend to know how to manage it. But still, I would think from time to time your doctor wants to see you. Sometimes we are our own worse enemy in knowing something we crave will hurt us but hey, we are human and so we give in. I think we are all guilty of that.

    As for feeling lonely, it's pretty hard not to be when our lives are altered, people around us don't understand and so we tend to stay within our safe world, our home. I'm glad you have the guitar, it helps soothe the mind and body. I get my hug from chocolate although I had given it up for 3 weeks recently only to reach for it again when things got stressful beyond control.

    I'm glad you are still meditating daily. I wouldn't be were I am at if it weren't for my daily relaxation moments and deep breathing. To each his own, we find what works for us. Afterall, if we don't, who will? Take care and have a good evening.....

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