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Bad vision and confusion

Hello, I have posted before re anxiety. I am not sure whether what I am experiencing is indeed due to anxiety so I was wondering if anyone else feels or has felt the same. It is like I can't see properly. If I write or read things are fine, it's almost like the bigger image is not sinking in. Also I feel like I do things without knowing I am. It's like the world around has disappeared. This is also accompanied by nausea and vertigo. I have had my sight checked three times with no problems detected there.  Also had ears checked and again no issues. Still I feel like I am on a separate planet. I am tired of people saying I look great when I feel awful and this feeling only makes me worry as driving is very difficult. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I get this on and off all the time and I too have had eye and ear tests. When it happens it usally results in a panic attack. Hope we can one day find an answer 

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Hi yesterday I felt so sick when I woke up and was the same all morning but every time I looked down or stood up and looking at my computer screen I felt weird in the head couldn't focus. Then all of a sudden my heart raced something bad and my vision went really bright white but hazy foggy at the same time if that makes sense . Staff said I was really white . I sat on the floor and eventually came good but head weird all day . I'm over it . Feel for u as well 


Hi I have been getting this also a lot and feel like I am not part of the world as if I am living in a bubble it's so strange and scary I know I am the same person but I don't feel it like I am not with reality especially when anxious at work it's horrible hope you feel better soon 


Hello. I have the same things. Do you have eye pain? 


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