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Weird feeling when I go to sleep late

I couldn't sleep until 6 am this morning and woke up at 11 am. I have felt all groggy and really out of it. I'm seeing small dots and the light really bothers me. Is this normal? I haven't really drank water today either. I always think I'll faint, collapse or have a seizure because of being so sensitive to the light and when I go indoors to more dim lighting I see auras and dots.

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Hi Katie:  Five hours of sleep isn't enough so I'm not surprised you feel groggy and out of it.  Light bothers me too.  If you came to my house, you would think I were a vampire.  I have the small tv room windows covered with blankets to keep the light at a minimum.  I also see auras and dots from time to time according to the light.  I hate when I go to the eye doctor and they shine that bright light in my eyes.   The one thing I try to do is drink a  lot of water during the day, but I'm not successful at it.  It is important.  You will not faint, collapse or have a seizure from being sensitive to light.

I personally think it's because of our anxiety, we are sensitive to many things.   I hope you will be able to sleep tonight.  xx


First I would highly recommend you make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids everyday including water. But I'm also wondering if you have ever been tested for food allergies & sensitivities?  I have a sulfa allergy & experience the same thing with major light sensitivity & seeing dots, which are known symptoms of a sulfa allergy. Might be worth checking into & having blood allergy testing done. 

Good luck!



Hi Katie,

5 hours sleep is ok, but not we very night, you probably do need a bit more. What is important is drinking to keep yourself hydrated. That can exacerbate the vision problems. But your liquid intake doesn't have to just be water. Any liquid is fine, tea, coffee, milk  soup. I sometimes have a cup of soup if I can't face a normal drink, or meal.

It's important to keep your brain hydrated to ensure you can tackle things on a day to day basis.

Janet x

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