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Heart racing when trying to sleep. Feeling it throughout body

So all night when I was trying to sleep my heart was non stop racing. I felt it pound throughout my body. And being the health freak I am I checkrd my blood pressure this morning it was 168 over 78?!! Im usually 116 over 68. Anyone else get this? I dont even feel panicky? ?

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Hi Sandieganjake.

Sorry to hear your having problems when it happens to me I lay on my back and pull the blanket up to cover my nose and mouth and breathe in and out slowly it usually works, your blood pressure is not that high but it does show that you are anxious if you are able to lower your heart rate your BP will come down as well. I hope I have been of some help.

Take care Kenny-w


Stupid anxiety doesnt it ever trip anyone out how the blood pressure raises like that over nothing


Hey there

I'm abit like that at the moment,annoying when all we want to do is relax:/

I do what ken has said, it does the trick.

I have a couple of websites that could help; calm.com. headspace

Hope you feeling better soon xx


Yes it did show the heart rate. It was around 85. And still a high bp. I guess the drs say its anxiety. When im not stressed out or what not its usually alot lower


Usually my resting heart rate is 64ish. It just seems like ive lost weight and my mind wont stop


I've suffered from health anxiety off and on for years so know how you feel.

My advice would be to throw away the heart monitor (unless your doctor has told you to use one) and don't Google symptoms and illnesses. Keep checking your heart rate will only give you more anxiety. Constant checking of ourselves for health problems is one of the worst aspects of health anxiety - believe me I know it too well from personal experience!


Totally agree with you there bramwell:)


Lol bramwell I know your right. I suffer from health anxiety also ive already been cleared multiple times but I let thr news of others and google freak me out.


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