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I've had a pretty rough time. I was held up in an armed robbery 3 years ago since then mum has had 2 brain tumors and my dad had a series of strokes. I tried to look after him but I'm self employed and thnigs are tough. Ive also just had a baby girl. Recently I've been getting really worried and thinking a lot about life etc. But I also started with like a real anxiety feeling like a feel of gut wrenching worry coming and going. but now I have different feelings different days. It like an uncomfertable feeling in the top of my neck . although it doesn't hurt at all and sometime on the top of my head. But today I feel really dizzy all the time. So Im panicking a little. Doctors tommorrow. Does this sound normal?

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jakiboy no wonder your not feeling well youve had a lot to deal with! the feeling at the top of your neck is most likely tension headaches whilst they can be debilitating they should respond to pain killers ! please keep your doctors appointment that way you can get the correct medication that will help you the most ! please keep in touch and let me know how you get on take care david


cheers mate . I spoke to my uncle. he's a lot like me.. A real deep thinker. He had a chat to me and I'm feeling so much better. Spoke to a few people and it was nice to know that this is an actual thing. Though I was going to die!


hi jakiboy its good to have someone you can talk to your uncle sounds like a good man at times like this were talking to your uncle will do better than fretting about how your feeling good luck bud keep in touch david


Anxiety causes tension and lots of other scary things, this tension in our neck can make us feel like we're dizzy and the tension in our torso can make us feel like we're suffocating. Still see your Dr due to your family history and I'm sorry to hear about your parents.


cheers guys. Since I've spoke to people about it and stopped worrying pretty much all the symptoms have just disappeared. Been keeping it in thinking it was stupid and I'd get over it . Now I just feel normal again. It's like a miracle drug. Thanks rockster. They're both fine too.

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