Dizziness, jelly legs, heavy eyes

Hi, I don’t know if this is anxiety or not but over the past few days out of the blue my eyes suddenly feel heavy and like they are cross eyed but their not, my legs feel like jelly then my heart starts beating so fast and I start feeling dizzy. With all that it terrifies me because I don’t know why it’s happening, I was just sat on the sofa feeling fine one minute and the next I felt like that! :-( xx


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  • Hi I can feel like that at times too. It's horrible, it just comes out of nowhere.

  • It’s so odd isn’t it, I don’t even understand how it happens! I was sat laughing at a tv program the next thing I was very like that 😔

  • its anxiety and it sucks!! I get it everyday, all day!

  • How do you cope with it? I didn’t used to feel this way it’s so annoying!

  • it's a terrible feeling, I know. But it's all in our minds. Although it feels real, it actually is only our anxiety making us think this is what's happening. I try talking myself out of the feelings but I ultimately reach for the xanax and after it starts kicking in I feel my legs getting stronger. Or at least I think so. Anxiety is all it is. and it comes on any freaking time it wants to!

  • The mind certainly is a crazy and powerful thing! All of a sudden it makes our legs feel like jelly it just doesn’t make sense! Think I just need to tell myself it’s all in my head I won’t pass out!!

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