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Feeling confused 😔

I've been taking magnesium for a while now and I feel like sometimes I'm better because I can't focus on my worrys, like I'll be worried but then I can easily forget it and not obsess over it. This is gonna sound really strange but that's making me on edge, I suppose with anxiety I must have some kind of ocd with it like I have to think about it, I can't not. But the fact that these worries are less now and my head isn't focusing on them is making me just feel strange. I feel lost! Like I have nothing to obsess over is just really strange. Haha I feel stupid even writing that down. I feel like I'm not in control. Like I'm constantly forgetting to worry argh it's so weird to explain!!!! I should be happy that my heads beginning to relax but my head is so used to obsessing over things I haven't felt this feeling for a while!

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I think it is an ocd thing I can relate, sometimes things will go good and it will cause me big anxiety. Makes no obvious sense. 


Yeah it definitely feels like it's ocd related. I never though about it until now. So complicated!

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Hi, accept it and let go, your feeling better! Yay! Enjoy! 


Hi, accept it and let go.  Your feeling better, Yay!  Enjoy


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