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TMJ and anxiety

Hi I have joined this group as I suffer anxiety and I was diagnosed with TMJ but also have a few other problems with my ears and I feel low in mood. I have tried certain things thought maybe I would turn to help or support online. I have been feeling low mood in a while now I feel I have no energy and feel tired most of the time. I have a wooshing sound coming from my left ear I do go to the doctors and hospital as I might need surgery. Sometimes I just feel so alone and no one to talk to. Is there anyone going through a similar thing I just feel I am going round in circles.

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Hello & Welcome 

Not sure what TMJ is ?

But I am sure if you are suffering with anxiety there are lots of people that will relate to the anxiety side of things and you will not be alone with someone to talk to when it comes to anxiety :-)

Are you getting any help or support with your anxiety from your Doctor ?

Keep coming and talking to others on here it does help even if in a small way to know you are not alone :-)

Take Care x

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TMJ is caused by anxiety and stress pain in the jaw or misaligned jaw which I have, it is called Temporomandibular Disorder. Thankyou for your comment I am so glad to have joined this site.




Now I know what it is :-)

Never thought it stood for that must be my age lol 

My Son had a friend that also had the same problem , may not have been as severe as yours but she was suffering , not sure I will have to ask him what they said if anything they could do to help 

Is there anything they can do for you ?

I do remember she would be in a lot of pain sometimes and you would just here it clicking 

Take Care x


They did say there is something they can do It's mainly in my right side and I have been told to try physio first but if I get no further forward with that and sorting my anxiety they will consider surgery I think. That is very kind. I am hearing things from all sides and I have been reading posts on the internet.

Thankyou for your help.

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