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Anxiety is here yet again!!

Let's see got up for work, was getting ready & I get chest pains. Come to work sitting at my desk and I'm having heart palpitations. Oh I can't forget the pain in my right arm either yesterday was the left. Also my back is killing me. Does anyone feel like this almost every single day?? I'm tired of being terrified... I've been to a few doctors but all I get is you have anxiety. Sure I believe I have it to some extent, but I also believe it's something else. I can't believe this can do this to you basically from the time you get up until the time you go to sleep. I get stressed out sure. But I was off yesterday just relaxing & I felt like this. I don't want to live me life like this. I feel like I'm always going to drop dead. It's a horrible way to think & live day in & day out. Just sick and tired 😥

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It is a horrible way to think and that is how anxiety keeps a hold of us as well as when we think we are relaxing and it still appears but like you said in your post it is on your mind all the time and I think sometimes when we are relaxing it can still be there niggling in the back of our minds 

Anxiety can cause you to feel physically ill and yes it is hard to believe but it does that to us and if the Doctor has given us a physical all clear then I think accepting this is anxiety can be the best way to start dealing with it and maybe some therapy or Counselling could be something that would benefit you , I would ask about it the next time you go to see the Doctor 

Hope you are feeling better than when you wrote this post :-)

Take Care x


Hi Mloanddb,  I know you are suffering from all the symptoms of anxiety that terrify you on a daily basis even when you are off work.  Unfortunately, anxiety doesn't take a day off when in the throws of panic disorder.  That is not until you learn to accept that this is anxiety and not something us.  That it is not harmful.  After a while, the anxiety bully will move on to someone else and leave you alone.  Then your life will begin to feel more normal again. 

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Thank you for your kind words 😊

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