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For the past month I've been having chest pain, muscle spasms, headaches, a weird taste in my mouth, and been dizzy. I've been to the er three times. Total they did one ekg, three chest x rays, a ct scan of my head and abdomen, and took blood twice. Everything has came back normal. But i still feel like im gonna drop dead at any second. I'm terrified. If i was dying the er would know right? Im only 17 this shouldn't be happening. Does anyone of a idea of it what it might be? Could it just be anxiety? Does it sound like some type of nerve disorder?


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  • Same here I had an EKG chest X-ray blood work done & every single day I have a crazy symptom. I have chest pains today & shortness of breath it almost feels like I'm being smothered. It's terrifying I live my life like this every single day. I'm convinced they missed something because I can't understand how anxiety can have these horrible physical symptoms day in & day out. I need to see a cardiologist to get my heart checked out. This is consuming my thoughts all the time. I feel like at an minute I'm gonna drop dead. 

  • Its a horrible feeling. I hate waking up every morning and the first thing that comes to mind is death. I wish they could figure out whats wrong. At least we're not alone

  • I feel fine for about an hour when I wake up & then it all starts all day until the time I go to bed. Every pain I get I think this is it I'm gonna have a stoke or a heart attack. It's so real if this is our minds doing this to us it's pretty good. Because I feel everything now & I mean everything & then I start googling it & get more scared. I think we need to find the right doctor who will actually listen & help us through this. I'm searching for that person. Because I have a hard time believing it's just anxiety. 

  • I have a hard time believing it's anxiety also. It sucks because i was fine one day and the next i think im gonna die at anytime. But if you think about it. Anxiety is the only thing it can be. If all of our tests came back good. Do you have muscle spasms at??

  • When I went to get my EKG done one of the things she hooked up kept falling off it wouldn't stick & she literally had to use tape to stick it on so right then & there I was like I hope that worked correctly. Basically was I given the right results. They all look at you because you come to the ER like you are wasting their time, once you start saying your symptoms they immediately say it's anxiety. I believe it plays a roll 100% but I still need to reassured that it's not my heart & I don't have a stoke or a possible heart attack. As far a muscle spasms I've had everything in the last four months you can imagine. It just all started one day & really hasn't left me since then. I only find peace from this crap when I'm sleeping.  The shortness of breath scares me the most. It last a pretty long time feel like I'm being smothered when that happens. I always get scared like I'm not going to be able to catch my breath. 

  • I had the same problem with my ekg, but mine was because i had vicks on my chest. I cant imagine putting up with it for four months, it's only been a month for me and I've been driving myself crazy. I can't imagine how you feel.

  • I'm sorry that you are only 17 experiencing this. I'm 34 I've been pretty lucky my entire life so far besides this crap happening. I was always the one to not stress out & now that's  all I do all day everyday. I started a new job four months ago seems like everything started at that point. But what I can't understand is I'm off today pretty relaxed sitting at home & chest pains off & on most of the day. I use Vicks when my breathing Starts up it helps a little bit. Now I also got diagnosed from my primary doctors with anxiety but I feel like whoever you go to & start saying your symptoms that's what they are gonna say you have. He prescribed me celexa I haven't taken them. I need to make sure 100% it's not something more serious.

  • Another thing i wanted to ask is do you get muscle knots at all?

  • I have them in my arms, leg, chest, and and abdomen.  I also get them in my neck and scalp.  Sometimes the sting like crazy, but sometimes I don't notice until I accidentally touch one or my physical therapist gets their hands on it.

    Do you have them too?

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