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Feeling down

Sitting here on my day off. I should be relaxed but I'm not 😥 keep getting random pains kinda everywhere in my arm left side mostly. Also I get a dull kinda pain in my left rib it feels like it's inside & something poking me. So automatically I think heart attack. My mind has become so crazy every time I get any pain it terrifies me that I'm going to have a heart attack. I get scared when I'm alone because I feel like if something happens I want someone here obviously. This is a horrible cycle that we all have to endure every single day. Everyday it's something. If it's not my breathing it's the dull weird pains. Just would like one day of peace without anything scaring me. I hope everyone has a good today... 

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I used to have weird pains on my side and I always thought my appendix was gonna explode or something bad. I went to the Dr to reassure myself i was OK and after that I feel so much better. Also pain the arm can be gas. But I used to get that a lot when I was pregnant. Maybe getting checked will help. I wish you the best and hope you feel better . 

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Thank you I appreciate that. Everyday it seems to be something. I just want to go back to feeling normal again. This anxiety is a horrible illiness it consumes me daily. I need to figure out a way where I don't let it win. 

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Get seen by your dr. Keep your mind off of it. Believe me thinking about it will only make it worse. Dont Google your symptoms. I hope everything is ok.


Oh definetly i was 21 at the point I couldnt leave the house alone. But I got to the point I had enough its a fight everyday I tell myself stop being dumb its an attack I distract myself and it goes away. You can do this. If I can do it anyone can. Do not let it control your life.


Hi Mloanddb,  I have a question for you.   Would you be as worried about

random pains in your right arm or your right rib??   The reason I ask is because

we know the heart is located on the left side, so anything we feel on that side

is thought of as heart pending.   When I have right sided pain, I tend to slough

it off easier, afterall it can't be a heart attack.   What I have learned to do now,

is try to remember back when experiencing left side discomfort what I ate or

what I did that may prompt some pain.  I was cleaning out closets, and lifting

full black bags of clothes for the Goodwill.  That evening when I felt some pain

I remembered what I did earlier and let myself know it was chest wall muscles

and not the heart.  Pain immediately disappeared.  Anxiety knew I was one step

ahead of him and he disappeared.  

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