Reflux hell!

Past 5 days I've been in constant shortness of breath, can feel the acid in my chest/throat. Currently on omeprozole and ranitidine that's not helping. Tried everything, I'm constantly having to make few breaths, I can't eat or drink anything, I'm even getting out of breath when talking and constantly (and I mean constantly) burping and forcing air out. Anyone else get this? If so any advice, can't go on like this anymore w


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  • Magnesium oil, it relaxes the reflux muscle. It will ease it.

  • Is this an oral magnesium?

  • No, transdermal placed on the skin avoiding the gut.

  • Hi I have had this for weeks now and I have been put on omzeprazole but not helping in the slightest. Feeling like I have something stuck

    In my throat. Being strangled and it won't go away. Constantly thinking about it

  • How long have you been on the medication it can take a while to work

  • I've been on it for about 4 weeks now

  • I used to suffer real bad reflux, especially at night. I've had times I've woken up after it went into my lungs. I tried not eating and drinking before bed but nothing. After i used magnesium it no longer happens. I try to avoid pharma pills if i can.

  • I work today with it, can feel it moving around I still feel like I can't breathe and wheezing with it!

  • That's terrible my sympathies. Try to keep food and drink to a minimum while you are having bad issues like that.

    You must have had a reflux into the lungs like i used to.

    Drinking cold water slowly throughout the day will neutralise the acid and help.

  • Hi I have been on meds now for a month but no change.

  • Try magnesium oil, this kinda thing.

    Link isn't working removed it!!

  • I get this too, sometimes it is so painful! Right up into my chest, makes me cough, feel a lump in my throat (that's not there, the Dr had a good look). Then I get wound up more thinking it's some hideous disease, but I've been told over and over again that I'm healthy!

    I don't have the infection that can cause it and I think it's directly related to anxiety as it started under a period of huge stress (that triggered the anxiety!)

    I've tried lansoprazole and nexium (is in the same drug family) they only help a bit, but I get side effects like dizziness, tingling and joint pain from them, so I don't take them now. I have just found that slippery elm capsules are very effective. Not heard about magnesium, will definitely give it a try!

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