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Don't give up ❤️

Hello everyone! Just to let you all know I've been anxiety free for a couple of weeks now I don't know what I'm doing but whatever it is it's working! Keep on going all of you I thought this would never end but I'm getting there day by day ☺️!! I do have the odd anxiety feeling but I'll do something to distract myself and I'll totally forget! My grandad had a stoke yesterday while I was there if I would have seen that a few weeks ago I would be going out my mind but I helped and I done myself proud! Xx

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O well done Jess and yes whatever you are doing is working so keep doing it !

I am so sorry to here about your Granddad and hope he makes a good recovery and yes you should be feeling proud dealing and helping at such a stressful time for anyone is a huge thing you have come a long way and I hope it long continues :-)

Take Care x


He's doing fine now thanks will be staying in for a few days he was very lucky it wasn't a major stroke! I'm so glad I'm finally getting over this but I'm going to stick around and maybe help someone else ☺️ Thanks bounce x

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Im glad your anxiety is better and im glad your grandad is ok, well done you for been very brave and not panicking, 

You better still come back and say hello LOL. Xx

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I'm still here 😘 He came home tonight he's doing so well bless him! Just has to have some physio to get him up and about again! Xx

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Hey girl :) awww thats good to hear hes back home he will have to take it easy now. Xx

The hormones that could be it jess I remember having a panic feeling early on in my pregnancy and it was because of my health anxiety and all I kept thinking about was my heart

I thought im gonna have a heart attack when I go into labour after a few weeks that feeling went away I didnt even get panicky

When I had my baby girl only because I was hooked up to an ecg machine I felt calm and relaxed. Xx


Could be the stage in pregnancy when you the hormones are making you feel good happy calm. It's good to hear :)


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