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Feeling Weird

I'm a male just turned 18 on feb and I've been having some proble like spasms all over it all started when I felt this pain in the left side of my chest following a weird speeding heart like my heart was racing outa no were fallowing nausua and dizziness and loss of appetite and felt like vomiting and muscler weakness I went to get some calcium pills and the nausea and dizziness seem to be going down but the spasms don't seem to be stopping and but when I had the nausea my head felt clouded and a bit heavy I was also stressing because idk what it was then my neck got this rightness feeling and it was hard sometimes for me to  breath right now while typing this I don't feel Nauseous I ate fine this morning but this feeling in or on my head didn't stop it feels like lil muscular spasms but I didn't feel it at first fallowing little stinging sensations. But before all this happened I use to have spasms in my toung to.

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Have you been and spoken to your Doctor about these symptoms you are getting ?

Anxiety can actually give you all these symptoms that you have spoken about but it is always best to see your GP , let them physically give you the all clear and then you can work on why you are feeling this way knowing you have a full clear bill of health which I am sure you will have been so young :-)

Take Care x


Thanks and yeaa she didn't really say anything was wrong and I was worried and stressed out but most of the symptoms went away I'm starting to feel a bit better but now it's just that my chest is having Weird sensations

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