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numbing fingers again

from last night I have been suffering with my pinkie and ring fingers going numb the whole night no matter of I sleep. Its definitely not the way I am sleeping because I am at work and still they get numb and also like this hot burning sensation on and off. This last couple of days has been hectic for me as my husband and I separated during the weekend so I feel so much more panic I think because of this. My left side of my chest just by my heart well I think its by that side keeps feeling like a sudden sharp pain but its just like for a second or 2 than its gone. My fingers is the worst ever just don't like the feeling at all. My toes also got like hot flushes again also small toe so this is toooooo weird for me.

Some advice or just something would be great.

God bless


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It's possible the anxiety and panic are giving you these symptoms. I'm sorry for the separation and the stress that puts on you. I hope you will be feeling better soon.


Hi antianxiety, I'm sorry to hear about the separation. It's got to be extremely stressful for you at this time. Enough so, that you may be curling your hands in a fetal position causing the median nerve in your hand to make the pinkie and ring finger numb and tingly. It usually comes from the wrist (Carpal Tunnel) I am hoping you will be okay and be able to weather the storm you are going through right now.

God bless you as well. xx

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Thank you so much I appreciate your caring words.


This is a link to a checklist of the symptoms of B12 deficiency.


B12 is only found in animal products so if you are a vegan then it could be dietary.

However, the more common cause is something going wrong with the absorption mechanism - various possibilities including lowering of stomach acid as you get older (the symptoms of low stomach acid are similar to those of high stomach acid so often misstaken), an auto-immune response that attacks absorption mechanisms in the ileum, and a whole raft of drug interactions.

Getting a diagnosis can be difficult - tests aren't as specific as they could be and GPs generally not aware of this - so if you think it is a possibility I'd strongly recommend that you join the PAS forum on HealthUnlocked


thank you so much for the link and advice always needed and appreciated.

God bless


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