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Help please pleaseeee

Weird feeling in head proper weird I always just think I have a tumor along with this blue dot it doesn't help also end up getting numb arm I am action sick of this realy realy I have broke my left cheek bone realy badly so I think that's why it goes numb on left side and like a band is loose when I rub my tongue on my teeth a like muscle on left side teaches through my head on left side real scary

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Hello John

You have been doing a few posts and I can see your Health Anxiety is getting the better of you again

Your saw a specialist about your eyes and they said everything was fine have to believe them I am sure they would not tell you this if it was not true why would they would be more than their job was worth , this could be all down to your anxiety

If I sit long enough and observe things about myself physically I will come across something that I will feel I have never felt before , I am sure it is fine John stop looking for things the more you do you will find something we always do

I have said before and I know you work hard but you really need some counselling because all the reassurance in the world will only last till the next thought comes with that Counselling you would start to find and understand where these thoughts are coming from and how to deal with them , I so wish you would as you are so young and have so much to look forward to :-)

Take Care x


Thanks so much means a lot and I no its just hard as u will no some days I'll be on top of the world then I'll think Jesus where the dot and the other shitty physical symptoms then boom day after its all back then I'll poke my body and find something else x


Stop poking John :-D

When you feel these thoughts and feelings coming on tell yourself it is anxiety and let them pass , once it knows you are going to ignore it then it will happen less often and maybe not at all anymore

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope your Daughter is doing well :-) x

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Thank you and I no its just hard with my eyes I even see floater and the dot when my eyes are closed but I suppose I do obsess over them which could make it worse I am constantly looking at the sky sick of this dot it realy gets me down but my eyes are supposedly fine it can't be a tumor can it cause I have been dreaming a lot nealy every night x


John if I look at the sky , lights or the Sun I get dots we all do , I would stop doing that and no it will not be a Brain Tumor they do not go on this long you would have known about something like that a long time ago , try & let go John and stop looking at bright lights and things and if you do accept you will see dots most of us do , in fact if I sneeze a bit to hard I see dots then as well

Enjoy your wonderful little daughter , wait till she grows up you will be seeing red and blue then not dots when you are having to chase boys away from your front door :-D x


Thank you I just obsess ban have to go see someone it's getting in the way of daily life now ruining my relationship and haha thank you I'll take it on board x


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