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Two peas in a pod

My son is always in his bedroom with the dog watching TV and I live in the living room and thats most days I asked if he wanted to go out but he's happy watching the DVDs we both like our own company but I worry that he's not living his life. There isn't much to do around here anyway. Am I worrying ovver nothing ? Things are going well between s no more rows like we used to. I love him so much his mother never was a good mother and I think he's only now realizing that . I am making up for her failures i do spoil him I just wish I was strong enough years ago to of looked after him when me and his mother split but I was having a nervous breakdown and couldn't look after myself and if anyone knows a nervous breakdown can last years even decades. Only lately i am finding peace enough to care for him. It breaks my heart to see hhim lonely but he's like me just do.doesn't like be around people. I just asked if he wanted to go to cash generators to get a game or movie but he said no he's ok. I wish some days I could win the lotto to take him abroad but we are to poor for all that.

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I noticed i repeated myself in my comment but I think you get my anxieties of the day.


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