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Stress symptoms and depression

I've been dealing with this vicious cycle of stress and really bad depression. I started getting in a really depressive mode yesterday and I woke up feeling non rested even though I got some sleep. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and I've been under constant stress and high emotions for a few weeks. This has been a struggle for me for about 8 years. I have all these symptoms such as feeling like ill faint, breathing problems and just being so tired. I'm taking vitamins but not eating healthy or working out regularly. It's been bad for the past couple weeks. When I go outside I'm sensitive to light and feel out of touch when I see people... any feedback is appreciated :)

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I completely understand how you feel and the frustration with battling anxiety, stress and depression. They all go hand-in-hand, and I find it particularly difficult to make good decisions because I'm always so preoccupied with how awful I feel or how tired I am, etc., etc. When you feel this way, it isn't easy to eat a healthy diet and exercise because you often feel so overwhelmed and knackered. It's like being on this ridiculous merry go round that you can't get off - no wonder I feel dizzy most of the time! This probably hasn't helped you one bit, but just know that many of us are going through the same type of thing and we can use this forum to support one another. Stay strong and let us know if you discover any great strategies for dealing with this.



Hey i read you're post i suffer with the same thing it's anxiety attacks there horrible I've had anxiety since i was 13 here's some advice that will help you people with anxiety should not drink a lot of coffee eat a lot of chocolate or soda there all a stimulate which speeds up the heart keeps you up it's the caffeine and if you don't eat right believe it or not people with anxiety our body are different then someone who does not suffer with anxiety so eat a lot of vegetables you're doing the right thing by taking vitamins eat foods with vitamin c in it or vitamin c pills vitamin c helps with anxiety and learn how to do deep breathing it helps by breathing in though you're nose and out though you're mouth take it from someone who's had this for 15yrs o yea and do some exercise even if you just walk around you're house at a fast speed or around you're yard even around you're Block good luck


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