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Bad morning 😕

Anxiety is really not my friend this morning. It's that time of the month and my anxiety/emotions are always 10 times worse. Anyway me and my boyfriend decided to go for breakfast, I felt okay until I looked at the menu, everything really confused me I couldn't work out how much anything was etc it was just a really badly layed out menu!! Straight away I could feel myself closing down and wanting to leave I picked something and it was self service which straight away the thought of getting up and helping myself was straight in my head! My boyfriend went and got me something but I just couldn't concentrate I could feel myself starting to panic and as soon as I get that feeling I just want to cry. I had to walk outside and try and calm myself down which I managed to do. But now I just feel so pathetic and stupid! Why can't I just do a normal day to day activity without feeling like this!

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This is how I feel sometimes. Not as much as I once did. Can't focus or concentrate on things. Well the issue is that you are so tuned into how your are feeling, I mean really tuned in that you can't contemplate doing anything else at that time until your return to "normal" These are all characteristics of anxiety of which so many of us suffer from. I would sometimes sit there across from people and they were talking to me and I must be making all the right head gestures but my mind is self analysing how I feel questioning am I going to faint here or worse die. I used to sometimes wonder at night how I made it through the day. You are not alone :) and although people say it helps to know that I'm not so sure it does especially when you are right smack bang in the middle of an "attack".


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