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no more doctors ???

I been to the doctors about a week ago for my anxiety and depression but he said there was no point on putting me back on tablets as I tried most and did not work ... iam sour I did not try all the tables as hes saying I was thinking he was going to put me on something a little bit stronger but no iam left with nothing to help me I feel alone fighting two things at ones sometimes it feels like iam losing this fight :(

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glitterangel, I know that feeling of hopelessness when the doctor tells you since nothing worked, there was no point even trying something else. I've been there.

I've seen the look of frustration in the doctor's eyes as well. That's when I decided if that were the case then I wanted to be taken off everything I was on. It took 2 years to withdraw from the meds but I did it and have now been off for almost another 2 years. I'm not saying my anxiety is non existent because I don't think that will ever be.

I'm clearer minded, feel more energetic, don't need to sleep all day etc etc. I'm using

techniques I've learned along the way. I'm no worse for doing this, actually much better in the long run. Now that was my decision. I see that you have 2 directions you can go in, first continue on with your doctor or find another one who may have a different approach to your anxiety and depression. Either way, I wish you well.


thank you


Zolfo worked very good for me but it does take several weeks to kick in


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