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Really have been thinking a lot about going to the doctors about my anxiety. I'm scared and worried they will not believe me. I don't know why? i feel I struggle every day and I cant carry on like this it's effecting my personal life and work. I want my life back. I've herd of CBT and other things I just wish I could take a pill and it will all go away. Sorry for the rant :( .

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Your not ranting, just saying how you feel. I feel the same. I would love to take a pill and feel better, one day maybe. I went to my GP and just said exactly how I was feeling about health worries, worries in general really and I worry daily about one thing or another.

I've been through CBT and did find it helpful but it takes time and I had to accept that I will always be anxious but I know better how to cope mostly.

I hope you decide to try with the GP. It's horrible when this affects work and home, it still does with me.

Wishing you good luck :)


Took me a lot to go to the Dr's but I'm glad I did. I was panicking they wouldn't think it was important or would tell me to stop being stupid but they didn't. They'll have dealt with many others with similar problems so try not to worry. Xx


These comments give me confidence thank you x


Hi there

I felt the same way 8 weeks ago about talking to my GP. I got myself all worked up and in a tizz, thought I was gonna pass out in the waiting room thinking the doc would think I was full off BS, tell me to go away and stop wasting his time lol.

All the energy I used up on worrying was a waste of time, he was so understanding and patient with me and now I'm glad I had the courage to take that step.

Good luck and I hope you can find your courage, I'm sure you can.

Don't be a stranger. We are all here to support each other. Xxxx


These comments give me confidence thank you x


antidepressents do help try effexor its brilliant


I kept thinking that I could ignore it or fix myself somehow, but without the tools I would need to help myself it was a daunting task that just seemed to get bigger everyday. Eventually I realised I had to ask for help, which is one of the first steps to recovery and the biggest one to overcome sometimes. Like Megan said; they've seen it before and can recognise the signs. Just tell your Doctor exactly how you're feeling, which I know from experience isn't always easy, but it will pay off.

Yeah, a magic pill would be great, wouldn't it? :)

You just have to figure out the things in your life that aren't helping and try to find ones that will. Somewhere in all this you'll end up knowing a hell of a lot more about yourself than you ever did.




Please go and see the Doctor talk about the anxiety he dare not believe you. After all thats why they are there to help people who are struggling to cope.

I debated before going to the Doctor's and most are understanding. I have been given medication and have been taking it for 5 weeks and this is helping.

Good Luck and stay positive when something like this is affecting work and home life its best to talk to the Doctor and asked to be referred.

Good Luck


Love Seyi xxx


Thank you I'm going to ring in the morning to book an appointment. I need to and have to it's comforting the response from people on here thanks again x


I like visiting my dr. He is really kind and supportive. He always says i am doing well and gives me time. Good to off load. He knows my past and why i have anxiety and low self esteem and its confidential. Good luck. X


It's hard cos my family doc I've had since I was a child as retired so I'm trying to find another. And also when I've been for other reasons I always feel very rushed. I'm just going to go in there and poor my heart out to them and see what response I get x


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