Just gets harder

Dizzy all the time. With anxiety on top of that. Tight chest. Heart fluttering just sitting in the couch. In pain. Weak arms. Eyes blurred, hard to focus on things. Thinking suicide. But I have 2 children. If you knew what I have been through since the age of 20. I've been fighting for 9 years with new symptom after new symptom in every time I go to drs they can't find anything wrong with me.


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  • Dearest Need-hope, I feel for you, not only with the terrible symptoms you have been experiencing but the fact that you have 2 children to care for. Do you tell the doctor that the thought of suicide has crossed your mind? It's important that you get into therapy to reverse your train of thought. Since I don't know what you've been through since the age of 20, it would be best if the therapist knew and could help you sort things out. Wishing you well.

  • Yes I have told the Drs. I've just had enough. I've tried everything. The dizziness started in December but I've been fighting with different things for 9 years

  • Are these medical doctors? I believe you in that you have tried everything but I don't know if talking sessions are one of them.

    Many people including my own daughter will not see a therapist

    and so the problems get bigger. The dizziness must be horrible to deal with. A lot of us suffer with lightheadedness, spacy feeling like we are not really in the present and it's impossible to go through this and trying to live a normal life. But, there are different modalities that can be used to correct them or at least bring the level down.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the one most used as well as deep breathing techniques which quiets the mind down as well as the dizziness feeling. There's meditation and relaxation and hypnosis, these are on YouTube and don't cost anything, You can take 10 min out of your day just for you. It does help. I am so very sorry that no one seems to be taking you seriously as to what you are feeling. Of course, there is always medication but that's not the full answer and can't be used forever. I truly hope you get the help you need.

    Please continue using this forum, there are a lot of beautiful people on here wishing to help. xx

  • I feel for you 100% . I'm going through the exact same thing!!! Every single symptom that you are experiencing .

  • I'm the same but lightheadedness feel like I'm going to pass out all the time is just getting me down. Hoping my psychologist can give me other coping strategies as I have panic attacks feeling like I'm going to die. So know how you feel. Doctors can't find anything wrong yet I gave pain in different spots. Stay strong xx

  • I pray that you get better. I'm going through something here myself. I have heart palpitations, weak legs, pain in arm, weak legs, dizziness, tight chest, fear. Every time I see my little girl it just makes me boil over with tears because I want to be the mom GOD ordained me to be when he blessed me with her, I just feel helpless and hopeless. I pray you get better.

  • hi to all of you suffering this is so unfair surly te doctors can come up with a name/ result for the causes .its not as if you are imagining it so many seem to be the same.....Ask for a referral or get a 2nd. Opinion.

    Good luck to you all & be as positive as you can

    God bless you all.

    Peggy 💐🍺

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