I've been feeling like my eyes aren't my own, i've been feeling light headed, sometimes like i'm falling or might fall, blurry vision, sometimes i think i'm jerking forwards and backwards but i'm not, i feel detached from everything, while i'm at work i stare right through people almost, my neck hurts at the base of my skull and it spreads to my ears, my ears get pressure behind them sometimes and it hurts a bit... What the hell is wrong with me... it doesn't feel like depersonalization

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  • I know exactly how you're feeling, along with many other symptoms and all I do is think about it :(

  • i'd assume it's just anxiety related... i'm not sure though. it feels offputting that's for sure. best of luck to you. hopefully this shit doesn't last too long.

  • It sounds like dp and dr. I have derealisation and this is how I feel a lot of the time.

  • I feel like this too! my neck feels so stiff, it all started two weeks ago when i was feeling tight on my chest and i had got so stressed wondering what it was and I ended up more worse. My neck hurts at the back of my ear and my head feels tingly and my legs are hot at night. Although I dont feel as bad as I did since ive understood it was due to anxiety and stress but im still left with neck pain

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