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Vein in my leg causing pain?

Ive posted about this before, but the doctors dont seem interested. Since the end of 2014 my leg started feeling weird, kind of a off feeling, then i started having a aching feeling especially at night or whilst sitting down which i still get now. In 2015 i was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis so i thought maybe it was a symptom pf that. But surely it wouldve gone by now.Sometimes it can be in my thigh but mostly in my calf/shin area. Just recently i have noticed a blue vein on the surface running past my knee and i wondered if this could be the cause of my pain or if anyone else has suffered with this?

My leg feels tingly and sometimes has a pulsating feeling. Should i be concered about this since ive had it for over a year now?

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Hi go back to GP and show them , could be a varicose vein, they cause pain and tingling, even numbness and definitely worse at night when you've been on your feet all day, don't worry tho just see a GP again when you get chance best of luck .

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Are they serious to the point of killing you? This vein isnt too protruding when i lift my leg, you can see it more when i stand amd i feel as though it buldges a little, and has a weird semsation when touched. Im only 17 so these things arent common at my age are they?


No they're not common, your very young and no it won't kill you, we all have veins some are bigger some do protrude and throb and feel a bit funny , do you exercise a lot, run or spend long hours sitting? I'd just go see your doctor, for reassurance! Try not to keep dwelling on it and looking at it , nothing sounds a miss, try not to worry .


It's not serious i'm sure..but always a good idea to see your Dr just to put your mind at rest

Hirudoid cream is great too for phlebitis which is a painful vein

My friend put cider vinegar on her veins twice a day and you can't see any varicosity now

my mother had bad veins for 70 years,carried on till 92

time to be careful is when flying so walk around cabin every hour and do excercises sitting down

Good to sort it out while your young.

All good wishes



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