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Hi, New to the group and already finding it helpful reading other people's posts. 

I had my first panic attack 3 weeks ago. Ever since I've had terrible anxiety symptoms every day and I'm already finding it hard to cope. The worst is dizziness. I get it numerous times a day even when I'm just sitting down. I'm finding it hard to go anywhere and have had to stay off work because the dizziness is worrying me so much. I'm afraid there is something more serious going on and I'm going round in a vicious cycle of worry. Is this normal? 

Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi there.  I would say it's very normal to be anxious/panicky about symptoms that you haven't experienced before, such as dizziness.   But that doesn't mean it's dangerous.   If this is the first time in your life you are having this experience on a regular basis, I would say try to get to the doctor to have him look at you and rule out anything medical.   Chances are it's not, but you just want to rule it out.   So feeling nervous is completely normal.   Have you seen the doc yet since it's been a few weeks?  If not, make an appt.  

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yes its normal to feel afraid that something terrible is happening.i suffer alot with dizziness along with so many others.I agree with chaz though see your doc for a check up to put your mind at rest.

in the mean time try and take your mind off how you feel,relax,ready a book,play a game,whatever cheers you up really

hope your feeling better x x


Hello.. Go see a doctor to rule out other factors.  But it definitely sounds like your anxiety level is elevated.  Start by acknowledging your anxiety and try to stop worrying over it.  This may  make matters worse.   When you begin to feel panic continue to do what you are doing or focus on something else if you can.  Do not allow it to take you over fight it with total recognition and determination to fight it.  You are in control.  Hope this helps 


Once they rule out anything else you'll get to a place where the dizzy feeling itself isn't that unpleasant .. A bit like being slightly drunk without any of the downsides  i.e. The cost and the hangover .. !! 

Once you see it for what it is it will eventually go away .. And if it does come back again you'll know it's benign and it won't hang around for long.

YMMV ... Hope you feel better soon!


Thank you so much for your replies.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to discuss results of my blood tests. Now I know there's something showing on them it's making me feel more anxious about what it could be.

But I guess I won't know until tomorrow so probably a restless night of worrying.

A friend came round tonight I was doing well and then began to start shaking and felt the dizziness coming back around.

I feel like I'm driving myself mad. Please tell me this has a chance of ending, I'm only 22 and don't want this to last any longer then it needs to. 

Thanks again x 


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