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Posting again, hoping that isn't too much of a problem. Reason being I keep panicking about myself. My head gets like a full sensation constantly and I really down about it, then I worry that it could be a brain tumour, anyreusim or something in my head that will kill me instantly... Then I panic myself more and get into his constant cycle of worry each day that there's something going to kill me. Just a full head feeling and pressure, alongside this Ive had neck problems for years due to the way I sit and strain my muscles. I'm also wondering where the pain in my neck from my muscles being screwed up is playing a part in hesdsches and the full feeling. And it doesn't help o have sinisitus. I don't know if it's health anxiety that worries me to death that something is going to kill me... Just need reassurance :/ I'm 19 just to say.


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  • Hi Ollybolly, your sensations, your feelings are not going to kill you nor do they mean that something catastrophic is going on. I too have really done a number on my neck in the years I spent in panic and fear. Jutting my head forward in order to handle my fears put undo strain on the muscles in my neck. From there it went into feeling full headed and pressure in my head. Tension/muscular contractions headaches came with the deal. I'd say at 19 it is still early enough for you to reverse the ill effects you have from anxiety.

  • That's how I feel it all stems from my neck and then has a constant fullness and tension in my head... Anxiety from what I perceive it as is your biggest fear, mine is tumours etc. So when I keep Getting these weird pains in my head I'll instantly presume it's something horrendous.. I never used to be like this I have no idea how to stop thinking I'm going to die every day from this. The only way I can think of getting out of this cycle is getting a head scan but I'd have no idea how to go about doing that... I wish I knew how to reverse it

  • Ollybolly, I too had gone through several MRIs before I was finally convinced that there was nothing wrong with me. I was put on medication as well as having therapy/CBT. I didn't believe in the medication and poo pooed the therapy. Until one day, it all made sense in what the therapist was talking about. I weaned off my meds slowly with doctor's approval, used what I had learned through therapy and slowly but surely found ways and answers to get rid of the doubts and fears of something being wrong. Anxiety is powerful. Get the help you may need now but know that the answer is not in a pill, not in someone telling you what to do, but it's in you and only you have the key to get well again.

  • I'm going to the doctors tomorrow I don't know what I should say as they usually never listen and always suggest something else. I want peace at mind and to ask for a head scan and for me to try get rid of this sinus problems and anxiety

  • I hear you Ollybolly, once the doctors know that we are wrapped up in our anxiety, it feels as if they are not listening. Remember a doctor's oath is to heal or at least make patients feel better. Anxiety is not an easy issue for them to address. They get just as frustrated as we do in not having any answers. I will tell you that the sinus problem will present with full headed and pressure feeling just as anxiety does. Maybe if he addresses the sinus problem it will help you feel better. As for worrying about other health issues, sorry but that's back in your corner again.

    Good luck Ollybolly with your appointment tomorrow. Let us know how you do.

  • I will let you know, thank you for replying to me. I should stop worrying about the worst cause im guessing if I did have anything far worse I would be a lot more ill

  • Hello,

    I frequently get heaviness in my head especially when I am very anxious. I also get frequent headaches and always think I am bleeding in the brain. I believe my headaches are from muscle tension from being so anxious all the time.

  • I too used to suffer with bad headaches used to get them like 15 days in a row then get a migraine I would then get 1 day with no headache then the cycle would start again this happened until I gave up caffeine weaning myself off it slowly as the medication often included caffeine now I get one or two a month, so the headaches maybe totally unrelated to your anxiety, you may just like me be intolerant to caffeine

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