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Anxiety and Depression

Hi People ,

I signed up to health-unlocked to help me get things off my chest also to be able to write stuff and not worry about people finding my diary and if people can relate feel free to comment and help each other get things of our chest!

I've been suffering from anxiety and depression since I was 14 - I'm now 19.

When I get anxiety Its like a sickening feeling as if something bad is going to happen I get on edge become more alert and cant get comfortable ,I feel like I have no-one to speak to and even when I did have someone to speak to it felt like a waste of time because I felt like I couldn't explain my feelings for them to understand. Trying to explain something I just about understood my self is quiet puzzling especially when you feel these feelings for no reason.

Even though I have my Family , everything is easily unsaid. I feel like i'm trapped in my own head and all I can hear is screaming due to this I also suffer with Headaches.

Little things would overwhelm me leaving the house would make me paranoid and anxious , when I would speak to people, in my head I didn't want to I loose concentration really quickly and found it hard to focus I'd go back into my own thoughts - even getting in the bath id avoid , I'v become very unsociable and find it hard to communicate with people and making new friends is almost impossible.

Just needed to get bits off my chest.

Feel free to comment and tell me what's on your mind

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You have explained yourself very well in your post. Sometimes it is easier to write stuff down rather than try to voice your feelings. Maybe you could try 'writing' to your mum - explain how your feeling on paper and leave it in her pillow to read in her own time. You never know - it may open the gates to communicating out loud. Take care x


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