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Unexplained stomach issues


Hi everyone,

I posted the other day about sharp pain I was having in my lower right side. I feared it was my appendix and I ended up going to the ER twice. The first time, they didn't do any tests and predicted it was an ovarian cyst. The pain got worse so I went back yesterday (waited for a whole 8 hours!) and did a blood test as well as an ultrasound. The results came back clear yet I am still having the pain. I am afraid that because they weren't able to find anything yet I still feel pain that they might have missed something. I have anxiety and I get very obsessive about my health. I've been panicking for days about this. The symptoms that I have been feeling include:

-extremely sharp (knife-like pain) in the lower right (on my pelvis) that comes and goes in waves and worse with movement

-low grade fever

-all over abdominal tenderness

-nausea and lack of appetite

-extreme fatigue (can barely stand)

It doesn't make sense that I would have a fever and sharp pain, yet nothing wrong? However, 3 doctors have told me they think its an ovarian cyst. But it didn't show up in the ultrasound??

I should also mention that I have been under a severe amount of stress and anxiety lately, and I've been missing alot of school, and feeling down. I've been having many panic attacks and this whole health scare made it worse. The doctors are guaranteeing me its not my appendix but I am scared that they are missing something. I don't know what to do.

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How are you feeling today? Anxiety does cause a lot of unusual symptoms but not what you are experiencing. If it is an ovarian cyst, what did they say to do? See your OBG? That's a shame to have had to go 2 times to the ER and still be in pain and fever.

I hope it has gotten better or you have seen your doctor. Wishing you well.

Vman69 in reply to Agora1

Sorry how you feel , but it can be anxiety . I get that all the time . You can ask me questions if need be I'm sure it's the anxiety . I've been to ER like 3 or 4 times for that

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